Spearfish Community Food Pantry presents 2016 annual report

  The Spearfish Community Food Pantry provided its 2016 report to the Spearfish City Council, highlighting the 690 people - 230 of whom are children - served on average each month.  The report states that the purpose of the pantry is to "provide nutritional assistance to individuals and families in the Spearfish and St. Onge communities who identify themselves as in need of food to feed themselves and their families, with no income determination required."  The pantry is staffed by volunteers from 12 churches in area, with no paid employees,and six to nine volunteers are required during operating hours, 9:00am to noon Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  The board recently expanded hours of operation to include 5-7pm the first and third Monday of each month, as well, with three volunteers required during this shift.

The report lists that the pantry serves an average of 280 families per month, with 25 new families a month on average, and it averages
 $3,000 a month in food purchases.  "The Pantry relies on food donations and financial assistance from churches, service clubs, boy/girl scouts, and individuals," the report states.  "The Pantry also receives food donations from Wal-Mart, the Feeding South Dakota organization and discounts from local grocery stores."

The Pantry compiles the annual report to share with the city council and the community "to officially thank the Council and local residents for their support and use of the Spearfish Community Food Pantry Facility." 

"I think it's more appropriate to thank them for what they are doing for us, more so," Mayor Dana Boke said

"I think it's noteworthy that there's, on average, 25 new families each month," Councilman Larry Klarenbeek said.

"There's a need - there's definitely a need," Boke said.

The pantry is located at 131 Yankee St. For more information, visit spearfishpantry.net.