Letter carriers deliver hope for the hungry

The weather wasn't particularly good last Saturday.  In fact, it started to spit snow for the onset of the so-called "Mother's Day" weekend storm in Spearfish, as Mother Nature delivered a late spring storm at a time when most folks had already put away their snow shovels and windshield scrapers.  It was snow --- very wet snow -- up to six inches in many neighborhoods.

Alex Jensen & Laura Young unload food at the pantry
Fortunately, by late Saturday afternoon (5/9/15), letter carriers from the Spearfish Post Office had already collected and delivered nearly 4,000 pounds of non-perishable food items from local postal patrons.  While it was not a record-setter, it was perhaps the timeliest food drive in recent members, according to several volunteers at the Spearfish Community Food Pantry.

"We were really low on inventory," one volunteer chimed as the first bags of food were unloaded Saturday afternoon.  "This will really help!"

The Spearfish food drive was part of a national "Stamp Out Hunger" campaign, where local citizens are asked to "Fill a bag, and help feed families."  The Post Office delivers bags to local postal patrons, who were then asked to fill them with non-perishable food items and then leave the bags by their mailbox on Saturday morning.  Items ranging from canned meats, fish, soup, juice, vegetables, pasta, cereal, peanut butter and rice were popular donations.

Volunteers Laura & Bob Oliver and Marilyn Halse 
The bags were delivered to the Spearfish Pantry, along with cash donations totaling $125.00.

Our sincere thanks to all who helped this food drive to be a success.  To the many hundreds of citizens who donated food items, the Spearfish letter carriers, and our pantry volunteers, we extend a heart-felt shout out.....THANK YOU!

In addition to the photos seen here, we've added a few other shots showing some of our volunteers and letter carriers in action on Saturday. They're in our Pantry Gallery.

The Spearfish Community Food Pantry is a non-profit organization operated by 11 Spearfish and St. Onge churches.  Donations go to help assist needy individuals and families in both communities.