Scouts collect nearly four tons of food for Spearfish pantry

In one of the most successful food drives in recent memory, Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts teamed up to deliver nearly four tons of food Saturday (12/13/14) to the Spearfish Community Food Pantry.

That's nearly twice as much as was collected last year for the same campaign.

"It's really gratifying to see these scouts, along with 4-H kids, their leaders, and other community volunteers, coming together in a spirit of cooperation and community service," said Bob Suwyn, President of the Spearfish Community Food Pantry.

At the end of the day, approximately 8,000 pounds of food was delivered to the pantry, sorted, and placed on shelves at the pantry facility, located at 131 Yankee Street in north Spearfish.  The pantry is located in the northwest corner of the Spearfish Aquatic and Recreation Center with the entry at the corner of 5th and Yankee Street.

Of course, parents and other community volunteers were on hand, too, to help with the effort. 

Plastic sacks had been left at homes throughout the Spearfish and St. Onge communities earlier in the week.  Scouts then scoured the community collecting the bags and delivering them Saturday morning to the pantry.

"Weighing, sorting, and stocking the shelves also requires a lot of effort, and we were so pleased at the large turnout for the event.  We're blessed that so many people in our communities are willing to donate their time, talent, and hard work!" said Suwyn.

As the young workers appetites grew later in the morning, they were able to enjoy hot sandwiches, snacks and drinks, provided by the pantry.

To all the many people who helped plan and implement this huge effort, we extend our heartfelt thanks.   Because of their generosity and hard work, a lot of our neighbors will have a happier holiday season this Christmas.

The Spearfish Community Food Pantry was formed in the 1960's and is governed by a Board of Directors with members coming from each of the 11 churches that operate the facility.  The purpose of the pantry is to provide food assistance to needy neighbors in the Spearfish and St. Onge communities.

These are among the many Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, 4-H members, and community volunteers who assisted with the 2014 Boy Scout food drive to support the Spearfish Community Food Pantry.  Our thanks to them all.  To see a few additional photos, visit our Food Pantry Photo Gallery.