Suwyn interviewed by statewide public radio network

All across the country, there seems to be a growing demand for community support from local pantries.

South Dakota Public Broadcasting recently produced a story for their radio listeners that featured an interview with Spearfish Community Pantry president Bob Suwyn (at left) who gave an update on the volume of traffic at our pantry.

The interview was aired statewide on the South Dakota Public Radio.

To read the story and learn more about the growing demands on pantries -- including the audio interview with Bob Suwyn, go to this link:  Spearfish Pantry.

Suwyn acknowledged that the elderly and children are often caught up in the challenge of not having enough to eat -- and even some people in the work force find it difficult to feed their families on limited incomes.  And these are the circumstances where local organizations like the Spearfish Community Pantry can assist.