Countryside Church weighs in with food drive!

The good people at Countryside Community Church have been promoting a weekend food drive to benefit the Spearfish Community Food Pantry, and that promotion paid off big this weekend (Sept. 17-18, 2011) with a tremendous response.
More than half a ton of non-perishable food items were deposited in the bed of two pickup trucks parked in the church entryway for both Saturday evening and Sunday morning services at the church.

Christina Fuhr, a counselor and Creative Arts Director at Countryside, provided an extra plug for the drive at the opening of each service, letting attendees know that -- even if they forgot to bring food items -- the pickups would remain in front of the church for several hours, allowing folks time to return home or get to a nearby grocery store, if they were so inclined.  And it seemed to work.  Both pickups were filled to the brim.  The final tally indicated that Countryside donors provided just over 1,008 pounds of food and several cash donations!

"What a wonderful response by the people of Countryside," said pantry president Karen Miller.

"With growing numbers of families relying upon our services, it's gratifying to know that members of the community are stepping forward to help those in need.  Our deep thanks to the leadership of Countryside and the many wonderful people of that church who've stepped forward with generous hearts!"

Volunteers from Countryside Community Church are also staffing the pantry during September.  Each of the 11 churches that operate the pantry take turns recruiting volunteer workers to help unload foodstuffs, stock shelves, serve needy neighbors, and a myriad of other critical duties that allow the pantry to fulfill its mission of service within the community.

You'll find a few photos in this gallery from the Countryside Church Truckin' for the Food Pantry food drive.

Thanks Countryside!