Pack 17 scouting events benefit pantry

Local scouts have stepped forward with another generous contribution to the Spearfish Community Food Pantry.
This time, it was the energetic scouts from Pack 17 that collected $112.53 from a cake sale and another $46 from a raffle – all to benefit the pantry.
Pack 17 leaders Misty Bunnel and
John Walker (back) watch as scouts
Will Evridge and Harry Lichtenberger
present more than $158 to Spearfish
pantry president Karen Miller.
“It’s absolutely amazing how much scouting has done for the pantry in recent years,” said pantry president Karen Miller. 
“Their food drives, financial contributions and other efforts have been a real boon to the pantry and the folks we serve.  We deeply appreciate the efforts of Pack 17 and their leaders.”
There are 82 scouts in Pack 17, which is the largest group in the Black Hills Council
Proceeds from the two recent events amounted to $158.53 and were delivered Friday (3/18/11) to the Food Pantry.  You'll find more photos related to this event and earlier pantry activities in our Pantry Gallery.
Scout Helpers Ann Evridge and Melissa Lichtenberger said the cake sales money came from a contest to name the “best cake” during the recent Blue and Gold Banquet honoring 101 years of scouting.   Donors “voted” for their favorite cake by placing a donation to the Food Pantry in the can next to the cake they liked best.  More than 25 cakes were in the competition.
“There may have been a favorite cake, but the real winners were the Food Pantry and the people we serve.  We’re so proud of the scouts, their parents, and scout leaders,” said Miller.
The raffle was conducted earlier this month at East Elementary during a Pinewood Derby competition, which is a longtime scouting event. 
Eleven churches make the Spearfish Community Pantry possible, taking turns each month to provide  volunteers to operate the pantry.  Each church is represented on the pantry board of directors.