Pantry fund goes over the top!

After an intense fund raising campaign of just over four months, the Spearfish Community Food Pantry has raised the $45,000 that will allow the organization to move to a new location in the next few months.

Pantry board members gathered Monday (3/8/10) at the temporary pantry location on 1st Street in Spearfish to admire the new paint job on the campaign thermometer. As of today, citizens and organizations from throughout the community have donated $46,183.37.

Shown left-to-right above are Nancy Millard, Cherie Miller, Beth Walker, Karen Miller, Jean Trent, Mary Ann Kortmeyer, and Janet Wilken.

Funds raised during the campaign will allow the pantry to remodel a portion of the Recreation Center on the north edge of Spearfish and – hopefully, before this summer – be moved in to their new location. All funds beyond those needed for the remodeling will be used to purchase food items for the needy.

“We’re so thankful that everyone was so generous,” said Building Campaign Chairman Beth Walker.

“Everyone recognized the important role played by the food pantry, serving the needy citizens in the Spearfish and St. Onge communities.

The pantry lost its lease on South Colorado Boulevard last fall, necessitating the move to a temporary facility. Spearfish citizen Bob Meyer came forward and allowed the pantry to temporarily lease a part of his RamVac Building across from the Spearfish Walmart.

The pantry board launched its campaign in November 2009 and achieved its goal on March 8, 2010. Mayor Jerry Krambeck and the City of Spearfish played a critical role in providing a location for the pantry, as well as supporting the community-wide fund raising campaign.